About Us - Sunshine Coast Slipper Factory

The Slipper Factory has grown on a reputation of providing the finest quality shearling slippers with a classic design. Our luxurious lambskin footwear makes great gifts and you'll find people wearing our product all across BC, Canada and indeed around the world.
Since 1984 we have been in the business of hand crafting the finest lambskin into useful and affordable products.  Skilled fingers shape and sew wonderful creations that will put a smile on your face and warmth in your soles.  The natural feel and comfort of sheepskin will keep you cozy in the winter and comfortable in the summer.  The Sunshine Coast Slipper Factory is committed to offering a range of quality products that allow you to enjoy the luxury of affordable sheepskin.

We use only first grade lambskin in all our handcrafted and washable products. Lambskin is renowned for its density, softness and outright durability and makes a great slipper. We purchase our skins only from tanneries that use environmentally sound tanning processes. Our shearling cushions and comforts tired feet. Quality cowhide soles and premium nylon thread are added to ensure long lasting wear in our slipper line.
We also offer a range of other popular shearling lambskin products in addition to our famous line of Slipper Factory slippers: rugs, seat covers, steering wheel covers, mitts and more!
Best of all we offer the most comprehensive after sales guarantee in the business

Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves on
making the best lambskin
products in the business.

Our Community

Our company is situated
on the Sunshine Coast
along the coastline...

Our Washable Lambskin

All of our slippers are
machine washable!